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Compliant predictive dialers
Factory support & updates
Trusted since 2002

Purchase an Outbound dialer:
Fast & Friendly + First Hello
Fast as Fugg 5 to 1 dialing ratio

We can Jailbreak your dialer*

Do not fall for confusing pricing models or inferior methods. In March 2024, useddialers secured exclusive rights to sell the most productive outbound TCPA-compliant predictive dialing system. The manufacturer has transitioned to a hosted-only offering. FAF, The quickest outbound $hit you can legally get.
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FAF Predictive
Dialers, dialer

Fastest & Friendliest outbound Predictive Dialer

Trusted by over 10,000 dedicated outbound agents

FAF is full featured minus inbound, recording, advanced api integration or Non ATDS

FAF predictive dialing systems include: Manufacturer provided Concierge training & transition support, 6 months of software updates, 6 months of call center support, 2 months unlimited VoIP with DID’s & caller ID Protection. Plus your choice of:

  • 12 months Hosting service from the manufacturer 

  • 1 or more host pcs with software to keep at your location

5 agent systems are $8,500. 240 agents cost $320,000.

We will Jailbreak your dialer or take it as trade towards a jailbreak*

You can't buy anything this Fuggin Fast and Friendly... Anywhere but here

Use my hosted FAF Jailbreak for a side-by side test with your current dialer

Ask about our Patented Agent Directed Dialer Easter Egg for Non-ATDS

Jailbreak includes full outbound, inbound, blended CRM API's & recording.

Dialers, dialer
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