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Used dialers:

Back in 2002 you could only buy dialers, not rent them. Here are a some of the systems that have been available over the last several years. If you are looking for a call center dialer that connects live agents with live customers then send an email to:


Used Dialers chooses not to promote systems that leave pre-recorded messages to random people. We strongly discourage you or your company from using this type of system.

4-5 agent Marketel:

There are several of these available. You will need plain old analog telephone lines for these.


96 agent Noble servers no software:

Server computers. No software or accessories are inlcluded. You are buying the hardware only. Great back-up system.


96 agent Razor $104,000.00 OBO:

Both host computers with warranty, 96 agent licenses, support & training from the manufacturer. Razor is an advanced True First Hello predictive, click to call and inbound dialing. System will be updated with recent software and refurbished by the manufacturer when you buy it.


4 or 8 agent AMCAT or ETS Teleprofit:

One of the first dialers ever made. We used these in our own call center 10+ years ago. They were antiquated then and now they are just too old to use.  $650.00 per 8 man rack.


Stratasoft 24 agents:

Purchased new in 2009 with 48 dialing lines using T1's. Includes agent computers. No warranty or support available.


SER Solutions 16 agents $36,000.00:

16 agents & 24 outbound dialing lines. Includes both servers. These were very expensive systems back in the day. Today we suggest looking at one of our Razor dialers instead of SER.


Noble Fortress 8 agents $19,000.00:


OPC Spitfire:

No longer offering. If you currently use OPC and are looking to upgrade to a more reliable system let us know. Consider Blue Streak as a reliable alternative to OPC.


Stratasoft Vector 2000 36 agents: 

This older system is owned by a customer. Has not been used for the last 6 years but still has all the parts.  Accepting offers.

Davox/Unison dialing boards for PRI T1's:

Multiple PRI T1 boards for Davox or Unison dialers. Software, support or warranty are not included. Guaranteed not DOA.


Calltrol Buffalo engine dialers:

50 agent & 75 agent dialers available.


Sigmaworx or Touchstar:

Many of these older dialers available. Let us know what you need and we will find it for you. Due to licensing restrictions we are unable to offer support on these systems.


SER CPS 1200:

4 digital T1 cards & 199 Network cards. No support or warranty.

Davox model DCS 01:

Hardware only. No support 30 day warranty.



Older system without predictive mode.


Datatel 24 agent dual T1 complete $29,000.00:

Includes agent computers, headsets & cables. Datatel used to be one of our preferred vendors before the business was sold. We have used Datatel in our own centers and they are good system.


Triple P:

Several systems available for parts.

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