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Old dialers

Here are some of the systems we have sold or had for sale in the past: 

4-5 agent Marketel: We used to sell more Marketel than Marketel sold. If you are familiar with Marketed then you will enjoy how simple FAF dialers are to use and with their First Hello that screens out disconected numbers/ Operator intercepts/ Tri-tones


96 agent Blue Streak:

2000 agent Pegasus

4 or 8 agent AMCAT or ETS Teleprofit:

We used these in our own call center in the late 1990's. They had the first hello but were cumbersome, awkward and had a super high abandonment rate. FAF is simple, quicker, has better first hello technology, abandonment rate & up to 5 to 1 dialing.

Stratasoft 24 agents:

We resold their systems for a short period of time. 

SER Solutions 16 agents:

Noble Fortress 8 agents:

These were good but expensive systems but had the Dialogic delay back in my days.

OPC Spitfire:

These were decent systems lacking first-hello


Stratasoft Vector 2000 36 agents: 


Calltrol Buffalo engine dialers:

50 agent & 75 agent dialer


Sigmaworx or Touchstar:

Many of these older dialers were available.


SER CPS 1200:

Davox model DCS 01:


Datatel 24 agent dual T1:

Datatel had great dialers and leadership. I used Datatel in own my call center and resold them in the mid 2000's. These had the typical 'Dialogic Delay' common in systems of the time. I still keep in contact with Scott :)


Triple P:

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