Used predictive dialers can usually save you 50% or more on a dialer including training, technical support, licensing fees & a warranty. If you are looking for a specific brand and model of predictive dialer then please visit our used predictive dialer page or call us so we can locate the size and type you are looking for. If you don't have a specific brand in mind then call us so we can listen to your needs and help find the right system for your office. If you are looking to rent a predictive dialer then we can direct you to a manufacturer that builds and ships the entire call center software solution to your office and lets you use your existing telephone lines, T1's or VoIP. is proud to be an Online distributor of the Blue Streak outbound predictive dialer. We can now sell brand new 8 agent dialers with headsets, every cable necessary, brand new server computer, a new network switch, a warranty, training, licensing and technical support for only $7,700.00! has sold over 7,000 agent stations of call center software and we have been in business since 1997. When sells a predictive dialer we almost always include support and licensing from the manufacturer. We make buying used dialers a smart, safe, and easy decision! Take a few minutes to look over the website and get answers to many of your call center questions explained in simple, easy to understand terms.

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"I have been a customer of Used Dialers for almost two years now. My experience has always been a positive one and the people working there have always been very helpful and easy to work with. I had no prior background in telemarketing and was nervous at first that the equipment would be either difficult to use or have issues. Luckily, neither have been the case as the equipment was very easy to set up and we have yet to have any issues. I will continue to use Used Dialers and are actually about to add more seats again in the next few months. Based on pricing, ease of use, and quality of equipment, I think they are hard to beat".

Stephen Uhlman- Owner of Dun-Deal Leads.


"Order was delivered as promised, on time, and customer service was very helpful throughout the planning and installation of the system. Very easy to use, and amazingly expandable. Recommended to anyone serious about a predictive dialer system for their business."

Anthony Scampini-


"We are a new company, and when deciding on the best way to set up our call center, we stumbled upon Used’s website. It was the perfect answer to our needs. I gave them a call and was met with a salesperson that was very knowledgeable about dialing equipment and the industry. One thing led to another, and they were able to set us up completely, including computers, for a very competitive price. One more thing, I can call them any time to ask questions about the dialer and they always have the answer.
Used is the best way to go, especially for a startup company, and economically speaking, probably for an established company also."

Johnnie Trummp-


Buyer beware when purchasing a used predictive dialer anywhere but the original used predictive dialer marketplace, Manufacturers typically charge $4,000 or more for relicensing a 4 person used predictive dialer and $20,000 for a 24 person predictive dialer. You will need factory licensing to ever access any software updates, technical support, T1 configuration assistance or hardware malfunctions. We DO NOT suggest purchasing a used predictive dialer without the support of the manufacturer.

Most of our predictive dialers come with relicensing, a warranty, training and technical support from the manufacturer of the system. We only sell quality products that we can stand behind.

Ask yourself this: Would I rather have a salesperson try to convince me that the only predictive dialer they sell is what I need...OR would I rather have a call center owner and manager help me find the predictive dialer I need while saving me thousands of dollars in the process? The right predictive dialer for a large call center with 250 agents calling for multiple clients will be different than the right predictive dialer for a 5 or 10 station telemarketing office helping a charity raise funds or another center doing debt collections. We have over 18 years of call center experience and we will put that experience to work for you! Reach the world with predictive dialing systems from Now you have the option of purchasing pre-owned systems. usually has 30 or more used predictive dialers for sale at any given time. If you are looking to buy or sell predictive dialers, you have found the right place to assist you. You may call at 620.860.4205 or send us an email:

Call center specials:

24 agent Razor call center software system. Includes everything necessary to operate: 24 refurbished agent computers with XP Pro and 1gb ram, 26 LCD monitors (17"), 26 keyboards, 26 mice, network cables, headsets, network switch, telephone board, 2 brand new server computers, 12 month warranty on all hardware aside from agent computers, 3 months technical support, training and remote installation support. $27,500.00

Used 12 agent PRI T1 Blue Streak predictive dialer: 12 agent 23 line Blue Streak predictive dialer for $9,950.00 if you already have your agent computers.

Used 5 agent Analog Blue Streak predictive dialer: 5 agent Blue Streak predictive dialer includes everything you need except agent computers. Only $4,680.00!!

Dialer for 40 agents outbound- 40 agent outbound dialer with host computers (servers) and telephone board. Only $8,800.00!!!

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