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An automatic dialer can save time by allowing you to place and track outbound telephone calls either with or without the assistance of telemarketing agents. There are many different ways for an automatic dialer to benefit a business or organization just as there are many different types of automatic dialers. An automatic dialer could be as simple as a public school needing to contact over a thousand telephone numbers within 10 minutes because school has been cancelled or as complex as any business could ever need. Here is a list of different types of automatic dialers along with a brief description plus some links to in-depth specifications of each type of automatic dialer.

Predictive dialer: A predictive dialer is a computerized system that connects to multiple agents, has more outbound lines to dial on than agents using the system, and dials phone numbers in a fashion to "predict" when a telemarketer will be available. A predictive dialer MUST be able to pass any of it's telephone lines to any of it's agents). Thus, trying to have a live customer ready for them to speak to faster than if the telemarketer is not using a predictive dialer. Predictive dialing is the most efficient type of auto or automatic dialing for a group of agents. All predictive dialers sells have a CRM that keeps track of call-backs, customer information, scripting that lets the agent enter and retrieve customer data, DNC compliance, reporting and agent monitoring. Predictive dialers will be the fastest method of contacting prospects via the telephone, can be simple to use, meet FTC standards and can have basic CRM functions like scheduling a call back or entering/retrieving customer data. Here's a list of our used predictive dialers for sale.

Auto dialer: A system that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers then plays a pre-recorded message. Once this message is playing for the party you are dialing, different types of auto dialers can record, transfer to a live agent or client while allowing them to capture and record data, deliver complete call accounting, track consumer responses via touchtone entry or by the consumer speaking into the telephone. If you are looking to buy lease or rent an autodialer please send us an email explaining what type of organization you have, a list of your auto dialing needs and how many calls you would be placing at one time or how large of a database you are dialing. Other names for an auto dialer are: automatic dialer, robo dialer, robo caller, robo dialer, IVR, voice broadcasting and voice messaging. Older systems are quite cumbersome while newer systems can be set up within one day without having to wait for telephone lines to be installed. These systems are illegal to use for business to consumer sales calls of any kind unless you have "obtained the recipient's signed, written agreement to receive such calls" as per the FTC's Final Telemarketing Sales Rule Regarding Prerecorded Calls.

Power dialer: A system that requires live agents and automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers using two, three, four or more telephone lines per agent. Once the agent logs on, the system dialer the lines and whichever customer answers first is patched through to your sales agent while the rest are hung up on. If you are considering renting or buying a power dialer then you must read the December 18, 2002 Amended FTC's TSR Ruling. Once on the page look for the heading of "Call Abandonment and Caller ID" then read the second paragraph, do a little math & DON'T USE A POWER DIALER. Power dialing is less effective than predictive because it hangs up of customers you just called who are about to answer their phone. A predictive dialer would allow the phone to keep ringing and when/if the customer answers it will pass that call to the first sales agent who was available to take a call. There are companies and vendors that sell a power dialer and claim it to be a predictive dialer. Follow the Power dialer link for instructions on how to detect if your hosted "predictive dialer" is really an overpriced and outdated power dialer. We do not believe it is possible to see an increase of over 25% using a power dialer over manual dialing while following the 3% abandonment rate as enforced by the FTC. Seriously, if you are using a power dialer you need to call or email us today to rent, lease or buy another type of dialing system. Power dialers are very inefficient and not suggested under any circumstances.

Click to call: A click to call system would include an automated process for dialing a customers telephone number while allowing the agent to speak with the prospect and see a pre-designed script their computer.

Preview dialer: A preview dialer requires the use of a live agent(s). Your agent logs on to the preview dialer it will send a pre-designed script (most likely containing customer information and questions to ask them) to the agent's computer. Once your agent has had a chance to preview the lead or any special notes they would hit the <Place Call> button with their mouse and the system would dial the number and the call would be transferred to the agent's headset. Most centers prefer to hear the telephone ring and hear the customer pick up the phone so you should look for a preview dialer that connects the call as soon as it is dialed. This typically leads to a more natural-feeling call for your marketing agent. Most high-end preview dialers will have an option to change between progressive or preview modes and some have the option for predictive dialing.

Progressive dialer: A progressive dialer requires the use of a live agent(s). Once your agent is logged on to the preview dialer and completes a telephone call the preview dialer will automatically dial the next prospects telephone number on your dialing list. A progressive dialing system should always connect your agent on the telephone call as soon as it has been placed which would allow them to hear the telephone ringing on the prospects end. Most high-end progressive dialers will have an option to change between preview or progressive modes and may offer predictive dialing.

Automatic dialer: Any of the above options may be called an "automatic dialer" since they do automate some of the dialing process. Since automatic dialer is such a broad term you could claim your mobile telephone is an automatic dialer since you can speak and tell it what to dial. Other automatic dialers can do everything from handle all of your inbound business telephone calls while controlling your outbound dialing for sales agents, route sales to shipping, give reports to managers and simplify keeping track of customers and data for your company. If you are looking to get an automatic dialer for your business then please give a call to discuss the best option for your specific dialing and or data needs.


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