There is another key to maximizing ROI, and it is to make sure your dialer permits you to define various default actions for different types of call progress detection events, for each individual campaign. For instance, if the dialer spots an answering machine or voice mail, for certain campaigns you wouldn't want to send the call to a live representative, but would instead decide to leave a pre-recorded message on that person's answering machine or voice mail. In a different situation it may be better to have a live person leave a customized message. For a different campaign, you may decide to abandon the call and have the dialer try again after a certain time period. Do not ever sacrifice the knack to identify the dialer's reaction to call progress detection events on a campaign-by-campaign basis.


Several dialers don't have integrated administration available. So, separate modules are frequently needed for provisioning, managing, monitoring and analyzing campaigns; with several more interfaces and points of integration needed for an inbound/outbound blended environment. For the majority of blended contact centers, a mixture of functional trade-offs are also needed because calls are passed off between systems instead of being taken care of by the same system - which freqeuntly has a negative impact on reporting. A mature predictive dialer isn't supposed to require a database administrator for list management, pauses to process call tables or direct manipulation within the database.


Predictive dialing has available organizations forcing efficiencies in managing outbound call campaigns. Next-generation solutions can boost that efficiency and distribute compelling ROI by allowing various dialing nodes to share general sampling data and a general pacing algorithm; even when those dialing nodes are resident in different locations. Naturally, the accuracy of call progress detection and how the technology solutions are controlled are also vital things to think about.

Sensible technology buyers must do more than check out the general aspects of any proposed solution, just like with other areas of a complete IP contact center strategy. Comprehending the differences between vendor software architectures gives the most trusted method for guaranteeing that your near- and long-term needs will be met most effectively.

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